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About Us

Hi There, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to visit Talk Wid Tech and know more about us.

The Story of Talk Wid Tech

It was 2017 when two mates Manish & Manish fascinated by the idea of simplifying the wonders of technology and science to people through their point of view. They believe that there is a better way of sharing knowledge about technology and science. A more valuable and simple way so anyone can relate and attach with technology and science. 

What We Serve

We started this beautiful journey with latest technologies only and that was enough for starting but as we grow and get a positive response from our readers from you we started sharing knowledge about a lot of new things includes Science (Science News, How-To, Explanation), Technology (Tech News, How-To, Explanation), Games, Entertainment (Web Series-Movies), Wonders, Space Secrets, etc. We work hard to share with you all the coolest new stuff and bring you all the latest technology information. We review every new technology thoroughly and carefully so we’ll explain how it works and why you buy(use) it or not. Here as a team, we try to share everyday few new things with you so you and we will become more knowledgeable every day.

Our Mission

We’re obsessively passionate about the things we are doing and our mission is to help people achieve what we try to share. We’re excited to simplify Science and Technology through our knowledge and ability. Our goal is to make to one of the biggest online classrooms where we can learn together, we develop together and we achieve together. Talk Wid Tech team believes in Never. Stop. Learning.

Simplifying Science & Technology